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CGMA - Plano
8565 Gratitude Trail
Plano, TX 75024

CGMA - Frisco
10955 Custer Road
Frisco, TX 75035

Welcome to Children's Garden Montessori Academy

Now Enrolling 3 months to 6 years

We are delighted that in your quest to provide a quality Montessori education for your child, that you have chosen Children's Garden Montessori Academy. Our special approach to early years of education will feed your child's developing skills and interests at the right times and is designed to help children flourish in to capable, well rounded individuals that feel in control of the world around them.

Our vision of a strong education focuses on providing a developmentally oriented curriculum based on the Montessori philosophy in a nurturing environment. Dr.Montessori observed that children blossom when they are allowed freedom in an environment that is suited to their needs, and that working with concrete materials that fully engaged their interest made education a fulfilling and refreshing process for children.

With this philosophy in mind, we believe that such an education will instill in our children the qualities necessary to channel their inherent abilities towards success in life, enabling them to contribute happily and productively to the world around them. Our role is to identify and develop the unique capabilities your child possesses. We strive to ensure that your child will not only achieve academic excellence, but also the social and emotional components that will transform them into more complete individuals.

We look forward to developing our partnership with you, so that together, we can provide a nurturing educational experience for your child.