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Why Montessori for Kindergarten Year?
Is your child 4.5 yrs old yet? It’s time to think about your child’s Kindergarten year. KINDERGARTEN IS THE NEW FIRST GRADE. CGMA intends to help your child be well prepared for his/her elementary years by giving them a head start. So we urge you to consider our very unique and specially designed Pre Elementary (Kindergarten) program for your child this upcoming year. What does your child learn in this class?

CGMA Elementary curriculum outline is as follows:

Language Arts
CGMA’s Language curriculum follows a definite order beginning with concrete materials, gradually moving towards the ultimate goal of abstraction. The Language curriculum is divided into different areas of study: word study, capitalization /punctuation, grammar, dictionary usage, sentence analysis, and spelling. In each category, we present each child with lessons in a small group and are then allowed to explore and discover independently.

At CGMA, Elementary students are submerged in reading daily through independent study as well as group settings. The children build their reading skills through a phonetic-based program. Reading comprehension is built through many different avenues of work. Each child is challenged on his/her level with the lessons presented, as he/she is ready. The children also participate in the SRA reading program weekly. This program introduces children to paragraphs. The children work with one piece of literature per week. This helps to build higher-level thinking skills as well as problem-solving skills. Writing skills are encouraged through daily journal writing. This time allows the child to write creatively, striking his/her imagination. In addition, numerous writing concepts are explored and practiced through different lessons throughout the year.

All Pre-elementary students will participate in our spelling club. The children will be given a spelling pre-test, related homework, and a post-test to enhance their mastery of advanced-level words.

CGMA’s Math curriculum follows a sequential order in several different areas of study. The children receive lessons in mathematical operations and basic facts of addition, multiplication, subtraction and division, fractions, time, money, and measurement, as well as many other areas that challenge each child to reach his/her full potential. Each concept is first introduced using concrete materials. As the child progresses, he/she gradually work towards abstraction. In addition to mathematical concepts, the child is also presented with lessons exploring the different concepts of Geometry.

Botany/Zoology/ History and Geography
Cultural lessons are presented throughout the year in the areas of Zoology, Botany, Geography, and History. Each lesson is aimed to encourage higher-level thinking skills and spark the child’s inner desire to research and discover. In addition, a separate Science program is implemented weekly. The children are introduced to numerous Science concepts in the areas of Life Science, Earth Science, etc. These concepts are explored in a tangible, hands-on approach through different experiments and activities. Our students will enjoy presenting their science experiments at our annual science fair. Gardening and nature studies are a vital, dynamic aspect of the program.

Art Music and Peace Education
CGMA students enjoy learning about art in a hands-on exploratory method, which enables them to master many different mediums and techniques as well as the historical context of the art movements and famous artists. Music appreciation is taught in many ways, including learning about the famous composers, the instruments in the orchestra, different music styles, creative movement to different types of music, and rhythm instrument activities. The children will learn about living peacefully with others with our beautiful peace curriculum. The peace curriculum includes poetry, nomenclature cards, peace books, yoga, a peace table for conflict resolution, and a peace corner, which includes an aquarium, seasonal objects from nature, and multi-cultural items.

Our CGMA Pre elementary class will have a computer lab within the classroom for technology lessons. CGMA students will be comfortable working with a wide variety of software programs, which will enable them to create dynamic presentations in every subject area. Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematical mind development is the core of this program.

Foreign Language
CGMA students will enjoy learning both Spanish weekly. Learning the language and culture of other people will enhance our students’ ability to relate to others and heighten their appreciation of cultural diversity.

Things That Set CGMA Apart from the Others:
CGMA takes pride in offering a premier Montessori environment which enables our students to flourish in every way. We nurture each child’s love of learning, curiosity, individual learning styles, and special interests. We provide opportunities for our children to care for others and their environment as part of our cosmic education goal. CGMA students are encouraged to participate in our annual charity event, the Saint Jude Bike a Thon, to raise money for children with critical illnesses. Our children conduct an annual food drive for families in need to show their compassion for others. CGMA students enjoy recycling, reducing, and composting to help care for the environment. In summary, CGMA provides a multi-faceted, holistic education for life, which will prepare your child for success during the school years and beyond.

Extra-curricular offerings include: dance, gymnastics, gifted and talented classes, piano, soccer, art, and Spanish.

The requirements for our Pre elementary program include: your child is enrolled in the 5 days program and regular on-time attendance during the academic year. The elementary students wear the same uniform as the primary students Monday through Thursday during the school year.

We look forward to visiting with you about this wonderful opportunity for your child.

Please contact us for more information.