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Parent Testimonials

“I would like to let you know that Andrew and Michael were accepted to St. Mark’s Catholic School for the fall. I would also like to let you know that their teachers have been so wonderful to the boys. They have learned so much from when they were first there. These teachers have to be commended for their knowledge, patience and dedication to the children. Not once did any of boys said they didn’t want to go to school. They enjoyed being there and often asked on days off why they are not in school That says a lot on how comfortable, safe and willing they are to be at CGMA. That alone tells me that Andrew and Michael is happy to be at your school.

They will miss you all, when we had told them that they will not be returning, there were tears and you can tell a sense of loss in their faces. There is no doubt, that what they have learned at CGMA, they will be able to do really well at St. Marks.”

Again, thank you so much for everything.
-Kevin and Joy Duvall

“Since the beginning of CGMA we have watched our child blossom in her development and desire to learn. The teachers are a standard above any other schools we have visited. We love the multicultural aspect of the school which we believe helps our child to appreciate other cultures around the world. With our second child there was no question where she would be placed when it was time to decide which school she would attend. As parents it gives us peace of mind knowing that our children will be cared for with such love and attention.”
- Ricardo Hall Mgr, Financial Analyst.

“Our son had previously attended a Montessori school, and we appreciated the foundation that the Montessori program provided to our son’s future education. When it was time to look for a school for our daughter, we visited several schools near our home. When we visited Children’s Garden Montessori Academy, we were immediately impressed by the energy and excitement we felt with their newly opened school. It didn’t take long for us to decide on CGMA as our daughter’s school.

After several years at CGMA, we couldn’t be happier with our decision. Our daughter is always excited to get to school, and the teachers have proven to be a very important part of her life. Every teacher has played an integral role in her development as a child and she has enjoyed every classroom she has participated in. I wouldn’t hesitate for a moment to recommend Children’s Garden Montessori to any parent who is looking for an enriching environment for their child.”
- Joseph Cloud

“Our daughter went to CGMA for two years 2008/2009. Her experience in this school was wonderful. While we are proud to say that she’s a very good self-learner, we can’t deny the fact that the teachers in this Montessori contributed towards her academic skills to a great extent. The essential things for a kindergartner like learning to read the calendar, math concepts like odd/even numbers, addition facts and also writing are just a few that she learned here. She was always happy and looking forward to go to school, which is what most parents want for their children especially at preschool years. It’s not possible to achieve all these, without the focused efforts from the management.

We would definitely recommend this school to any parent looking for a good educational and caring environment for their children.”
-Dharini and Ravi Kumar.

“A welcoming staff, a director and administrator who listen and know how to run the school well, excellent teachers along with the academic excellence is what Children’s Garden Montessori Academy comprised of.

Like every parent who looks for good schools that have caring teachers, excellent in academics and staff that communicates well, I was in search for one myself. CGMA’s tour with Robin gave me the first look on the classes which were very organized. The work displayed on the walls talked a lot about the children activities. The huge gym with playful equipment gave me peace of mind that children would have physical activity inside when it rains or due to cold weather. The library room filled with lots of informative books and computer time for children is a bonus. Music room with different instruments and singing activities is also a plus. To top it all, lots of the activities like Chess, Karate, Dance, Piano, Gym and much more come to the school.

From the first week of school, the teachers welcomed my son with a big hug. They made him comfortable and gave him the attention any new student would need to adjust to a new environment. He was good at math but would not read. In just a few weeks, he was showing interest in reading because of the teachers efforts. Apart from academics, he was very shy and cried in his first few performances at CGMA but now he is socializing more and gives a helping hand to other younger students in the class. What I liked the most was the coordination and communication between the two teachers in the class. We continued kindergarten education in CGMA because it was a lot better choice when it came to challenge the child academically apart from all the other activities.

In my opinion, CGMA sets a very high standard for schools around and plays a vital role in upbringing a child’s future with its wonderful staff and teachers. I thank each and every staff, the administrator and director for such a wonderful effort to make parents believe that their children are safe and are learning new things every day…..”
- Anita Vijayakumar

“Mia Bella sang the Italian song she learnt with her teacher at CGMA on the way home last night. She did so well I could not believe she was saying the words correctly some are hard to wrap your tongue around. I was so happy my face hurt from smiling so much. Her Nonno (Grandfather) will be so happy when he hears her sing this song in his mother tongue… it will be the best gift we bring him” Thanks ;-)
- Christina Hall

“We have been extremely happy about Shridha’s progress right from the time we put her in CGMA. Her language skills, interaction with everyone around her, her diet has tremendously been influenced upon by CGMA. We are very fortunate to have put her in such a great Montessori institution.

Our daughter, Shridha will remember CGMA as an once in a lifetime schooling experience which we’re sure, she wouldn’t get anywhere. We would say that Shridha has learnt some of her most important skills for her age only here at CGMA. She behaves more mature now and wishes to be treated like one too. Thanks to the efforts of the teachers she now eats her own food rather than being spoon fed like she was when she came here first!

We wish to take this opportunity to thank each and every teacher of CGMA who show their dedication to work with Glee.”
- Rajeswar & Priya Natesan

“I wanted to take time and express my positive feedback! The parent portal site is a great and very thorough tool for parents such as myself. I appreciate being able to come here first for any questions I may have on a particular school activity and/or procedure or forms. I visit the parent portal at a minimum once a week. I enjoyed the article on how to apologize to your child. I wanted to commend you on the great communication and emails that are being sent out to parents consistently regarding health, safety, and upcoming events. Also Brigham absolutely loves his teachers and is very confident and thriving under them more than I’ve ever seen before. He tells me things like “Mommy, its good to always be prepared!” And he can’t leave for the day without spending time with Ms. Molly, so thank you to you and your staff for a job well done!”
-Wanda Ward